Reporting a Duped Account

Hello, of all of the ways a person can run into trouble on Facebook probably the most prevalent one is a Duped account. This is when somebody signs up on Facebook as the same name as another existing user. If it were just that it would be o.k. because the world is big and the number of names finite. In some cases though it doesn't stop there. The “Hacker” then goes ahead and uses the same images for profile pictures as the profile they are targeting. Next they send friend requests to all the current friends of the target account.

Once the “Hacker” is friends with them they can then pretend to be a trusted someone and attempt to extort them.

Luckily reporting the duped account is easy to do.


Go to the fake account and click the dots.


Click on "Report".


Click on "Report this Account".


Click on "This timeline is pretending to be me or someone I know".


Click on "Someone I know".


Click on the "Submit to Facebook for Review".


Now type in the name of the real account you are friends with, and click "Submit".

I have seen the fake account be removed as soon as just after I submit the report.